April Field Trip: Kitt Peak

On April 12, thirty-four club members hopped in their cars and traveled to experience a VIP tour of Kitt Peak. A fantastic time was had by all.

“The people at Kitt Peak were great,” Barrie Shabel, who coordinated the entire event, said afterward. Our club members were split into two segments, and each provided experienced guides. They saw a total of 24 telescopes on the mountain, and also got to see inside control rooms. The guides provided commentary on current astronomical issues, as well as great historical perspectives.

Here are some of the pictures our gang took!

Photo by Abby Marier
Entrance – Photo by Dale Foster


Photo – Abby Marier
Look at all those telescopes! – Image: Larry Best


Image – Dale Foster


Photo: Peg Rocklin

Heading inside for a bit….

Photo: Peg Rocklin
Inside the control room… photo: Peg Rocklin
Sungazing! Photo: Dale Foster




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