Eclipse Glasses are Up, Up, and Away!

Hi, all … Ron here!

I’m posting today to say how impressed I always am with the generosity of our club! After noting that Barbara Gray was collecting “used” eclipse glasses for recycling with Astronomers Without Borders, I’m proud to note that the club gathered about a dozen pairs!

Barb reported that these were now bundled up and on their way to support the program. She also sent me the following little blurb about what our support is going toward. I thought the club might be interested to see it!

Where will you send my glasses?
We’ll send them to schools and other institutions in countries where they’re needed but aren’t available. The next two solar eclipses across populated areas are in 2019 – a total solar eclipse in southern South America and an annular eclipse (where the Moon doesn’t quite cover the whole Sun) in southeastern Asia. But a partial eclipse will be seen throughout most of South America and southern Asia so the glasses are needed by millions. If there are glasses left we’ll send them to more schools in countries with eclipses beyond 2019.

Will the schools in other countries receive these glasses free?
Yes! We will handle all the shipping costs from the US to these countries, and the glasses will be distributed through volunteer networks in those countries. We have done this in the past, though on a much smaller scale, and no one has ever been charged anything for receiving what we have sent to them.

You can get more information on Astronomers Without Borders at their website:

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