If You're Speaking with us...



Thank you so much for coming to speak with us!

Our Astronomy Club meetings are held the third Thursday of the month, starting at 7:00 PM. The meetings are held in the Navajo Room of the Sun City Oro Valley Activity Center, 1495 E Rancho Vistoso Boulevard. After a few minutes of announcements, you will be introduced for your presentation. We normally plan on about a
45-60-minute presentation, including a brief question and answer period. It is your choice to have the Q & A period follow the talk, or you may allow for questions during the talk. Usually the meetings are over between 8:30 and 9 PM.

The Sun City audience is primarily college graduate retirees with a keen interest in astronomy. Our Club has over 100 members and includes retired artists, teachers, scientists, engineers, lawyers, university faculty, physicians, etc. It is an erudite and well-informed audience. Typically, we would have an audience size of 80-100 people.

With regard to logistics:

1. We need the title of your talk, with a few descriptive sentences, 2-3 months in advance of your talk.

2. A brief biography would also be desirable to help introduce you to the audience – this can be provided to the program coordinator (email or brought with you before the meeting).

3. We need to know your AV requirements a few weeks before the meeting – we are well equipped for most needs, since we have a computer projector as well as a cordless microphone and a laser pointer.

4. We cordially invite you and a guest to join us for dinner before the talk. One or two Club member couples would host you for an early dinner, starting around 5:15 PM, at a location we'll coordinate beforehand. We should have plenty of time to enjoy dinner and get to the Activity Center by 6:30 for set up prior to the start of the meeting at 7 PM.

5. If you choose to come directly to the meeting, your host can provide directions for that as well. For reference, driving time to Sun City from the UA campus is about 50 minutes during the evening rush hour. You should plan to arrive about 6:30 PM so
that we will have time for setup.

6. Regarding laptop video connections, we can accommodate both VGA and HDMI. In addition we will have either handheld or over-the-ear microphones for your use.

7. If you have any questions, please feel free to
call your designated host or our Speaker Chair
Barrie Shabel at 520-308-4818.