2017-18 Featured Speakers

The SCOV Astronomy Club features some of the most prominent speakers in the field. All sessions happen the third Thursday of the month, and are held at the Navajo Room of the Sun City, Oro Valley Activity Center. Come on out and enjoy!

October 19:

Justin James Hyatt

Steward Observatory Solar Lab


"Adapting Solar Energy Technology for Radio Telescopes."



Abstract: The next generation of radio observatories will be huge arrays of large dishes. Typically telescopes use custom, high dollar components. However for large arrays, the manufacturing costs become a major factor in the project budget. Solar energy research at the University of Arizona designs solar concentrators for low cost, high volume production. We are now applying technology developed for solar dishes directly to radio telescope design. This will greatly reduce the cost of future radio observatories allowing us to build bigger and better observatories to allow us to see deeper into the darkest corners of the universe.

November 16:

Don McCarthy -Astronomer, Ph.D., The University of Arizona


"Meteors and the Earth"

December 21:

John Barentine

Program Manager, International Dark Sky Association


"Arizona’s Night Skies: Past, Present, and Future."

February 15:

Dr. Alyson Ford

Assistant Astronomer and Manager of Radio Telescopes
Ph.D.,Swinburne University of Technology
"Milky Way Radio Astronomy."