Getting Started Presentation: Stargazing Aps

On March 22, Nelson Tilden hosted a great Stargazers session where two club members gave demonstrations of a few computer and phone applications.

Dave Thompson showed us two computer applications: “NASA’s Eyes” (aka “Eyes on the Solar System”), and Stellarium (recommended by Project Astro). These are downloadable applications that you can use on your PCs. Here are links he gave us:

  1. NASA’s Eyes:
  2. Stellarium:
  3. Spot the Station: _States&region=Arizona&city=Tucson#.WG50flw7T2Y  (You can sign up for email alerts to let you know when the ISS is going to be overhead.
  4. UofA Lecture Series:

For Questions, email Dave Thompson – (replace the _at_ with @)

Greg Longerich then showed us slides for the use of Sky Safari 5, a phone ap. Slides are available here (PDF Format): Sky Safari 5 –Mar 22 2017-

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