SCOV Astronomy Club Stargazers Support School Star Party

As we’ve noted in several of our club meetings, helping young people connect to astronomy and the whole of the physical sciences is an important part of what we do. In that light, I’m thrilled to report on the recent star party that our club supported for the Coronado K-8 school, under the direction of 7th grade science teacher Lauren Marlatt.

It was a fantastic event, with about 20-25 5th and 7th grade kids and parents in attendance.

Club members Bob Weirather, Jim Kousbaugh and Nelson Tilden provided telescopes and the school provided its 6″ Reflector that was donated to the school last year by club member Bill Armstrong.

Much fun was had by all, and as an indicator of how successful the school considered the event, we’ve been asked to lead another star party in February or March that will concentrate on the moon. Of special impact for us is that this event will give the 5th graders an opportunity to use the new telescope they will have received on December 8th when we distribute the equipment that we purchased with last seasons’ donations from the club (through the Arizona State Tax credit program we’ve highlighted in our club meetings). While we will provide our usual telescopes for the event, too, the true intent of the evening will be educating the kids on using their scopes to find a few locations on the moon. It should be another fun event.

If you would like to donate to the program, we have a State Tax form here on the site.

If you would like to be part of the stargazing group, or just have interest in spending an hour or two helping kids connect to the sky, please feel free to contact us here. The school star parties are held on a large ball field, so there’s plenty of room for visitors!




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